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Tips, Tricks and Tales that'll improve your race results.

Performance Training afloat, and ashore for sailboat racing with
Clinics, Seminars and Coaching on a variety of racing topics for
Competitors, Coaches, Race Officials and Regatta Organisers.

Learn to Race... Better!           Sail Smarter, Faster. ®  

                          Sail Race-Ready.

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Vancouver Area Racing Council


Sail SMARTER, FASTER - Seminar Series

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Advanced Race Training - The A.R.T. of Sailing ®

What our clients are saying about us...

I enjoyed your seminar on the Racing Rules of Sailing
last night. Very clear presentation of a book of “fine print”.
I think your style was easy, effective, properly paced and
fit right in with audience needs.
        Allan Gardner, March 2011 - VARC - RULES & TACTICS

I attended the last one ... It was excellent.
I would encourage you to attend. See you there!
        Kathy Kushner, June 2010 - SPEED COURSE Part I

Your style and approach to explaining the sometimes intimidating Racing Rules was engaging and thoughtfully presented. You were thorough enough for me to have acquired enough confidence in my understanding of the rules to be able to comply with the them in racing conditions right away, and yet you judiciously held off on just enough detail so that I was not left feeling over-whelmed or confused.
        Claudia Montpellier, Sept 2010 - RULES & TACTICS

Dave and Peter did an excellent job of covering a lot
of material in a limited amount of time.
        Peter Derviller, June 2010 - SPEED COURSE Part II

Mission accomplished! Fun night of racing!
Lots of wind...lots of wins! =) Thanks Dave for the coaching.
        John Gowan, June 2010 - Coaching Friday Night Racing

Thanks for your excellent coaching Dave.
        Peter Derviller, June 2010 - Thursday Night Coaching

First rate information. Good pace of instruction and
a polished presentation.
        Kit Griffin, April 2010 - GET RACING! presentation

An excellent introduction to the topic of keel boat racing and
racing tactics. Just enough information to whet our appetites
and get us thinking seriously about the upcoming season.
Several of us are looking forward to the more in-depth series
of seminars and hands on clinics on the water over the next
several weeks. Thanks Dave for a great evening. It was a pleasure.
        Neil Ripley, April 2010 - GET RACING! presentation

If you've heard one of Dave's talks before you know he is an
excellent speaker. Some experts rattle off rule number after
rule number while you scratch your head trying to play catch
up, not so with Dave. This is a great talk for beginners and
advanced alike.
        Steve Blaine, Feb 2011 - VARC - RULES & TACTICS


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Vancouver Island 360 Race
WAVES Regatta
Easter Seals Regatta
Southern Straits Race
Swiftsure International Yacht Race

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